blog_lightroom6Rygterne om Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 har verseret den seneste måneds tid.

De seneste rygter siger at vi får Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6, omkring den 20. marts.

Her er lidt om hvad man kan forvente:

  • Environment nondestructive
    Unleash your creativity in a nondestructive editing environment that allows you to test your ideas freely. The originals remain intact and you can easily cancel your edits or save multiple versions of a cliché.

  • Advanced conversion feature black and white

    Monitor closely the tonal qualities so essential to the black and white photos. Combine precisely the information of eight color layers in the grayscale conversion.

  • Face Recognition

    Quickly find pictures of loved ones, even without metadata tags. You select a face on the photo, Lightroom and search the person it belongs to all of your other shots. Sort and group your photos by faces.

  • Sophisticated Healing Brush

    Get best pictures with one touch. Set the brush size and move it according to specific plots. Unwanted items and other imperfections, including irregular shapes son type, magically disappear.

  • Upright (Vertically)

    Straighten skewed images with a single click. The Upright tool (Vertically) analyzes the image and detects horizontal or vertical lines inclined. It can even recover images without horizon.

  • Fusion panoramas

    Realize XXL ultra detailed panoramas. Photo merge technology lets you merge multiple images, including raw files, to create panoramas out of the ordinary.

  • Performance gains

    Import and refine your photos in record time. Lightroom leverages compatible graphics process to get you better performance, especially when you edit your images in the Develop module.

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